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If you are like most businesses, you spend $200-$300 per year for each employee in supplies, $800 in printing, and $1,200 in technology. This is a tremendous investment in necessary business supplies.

With the Chamber's Group Purchasing program you can save up to 30% on the supplies you are already purchasing!

Staples Business Advantage offers smart cost-saving strategies for businesses. 

With dedicated account management, expert customer service, and a customized product assortment on contract pricing...your day is simpler with Staples Business Advantage.

Better buying is as easy as 1-2-3!

Samantha Blake

Staples Business Advantage 816.504.2151

Customer Service: 877-826-7755

or email at:

One of the very best benefits of your new Staples program is having awesome support!

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Awesome Support!

$0.02 black/white

$0.23 color copies

50% off finishing services

Save 15%-30% off Staples's already low prices

Best buy list of 2,000 most frequently purchased items

More than office supplies - a fully integrated solution with savings in all categories


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For more information about this benefit program, please contact Stacey Koon at

The Staples Advantage program is a Cost Saving Benefit partnership for Chambers and Associations offered by Chamber Management Services

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