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If you are like most businesses, you spend $200-$300 per year for each employee in supplies, $800 in printing, and $1,200 in technology. This is a tremendous investment in necessary business supplies.

With the Chamber's Group Purchasing program you can save up to 30% on the supplies you are already purchasing!

*  Savings are based on members already enrolled in the Chamber's Staples Advantage Program.  Existing Staples Advantage customers must also enroll in order to receive the Chamber discounts and Best Buy List of savings. Your actual savings may vary.  The Staples Advantage business account is a business account versus a account.   

More than Office Supplies

Staples offers so much more than just office supplies. 

You can save on cleaning and breakroom supplies, office furniture, technology, promotional products and print solutions.  

From now on, you will save!


You can count on Staples Business Advantage to offer the things you need to create a breakroom that will keep your team happy and energized.

Check out this month's member promotion for nearly 50% off a Keurig® coffee brewer.

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One of the very best benefits of your new Staples program is having awesome support!

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For more information about the Paintsville Johnson County Chamber's Member Savings Program, contact Fran Jarrell at

The Staples Advantage program is a Cost Saving Benefit partnership for Chambers and Associations offered by the Kentucky Chamber.

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